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When organising and developing an occasion, it’s imperative that every single detail is working together in tandem to ensure a cohesive experience for your guests. However, this process and the seamless integration of a large number of important features and factors can be nigh-on impossible to pull off without expert assistance. 

A corporate event designer specialises in creating unforgettable experiences. When every minute detail matters, and the success of your occasion hangs on bringing together a number of your likes, wants, and needs together, it’s important that you have an expert in your corner.  

As we delve into the intricate role a corporate event designer will play in the fulfilment of a successful and inspiring occasion, we’ll explore the concept of event design, the types of occasion and how a designer can contribute, as well as a number of the key benefits of working with a corporate event designer

What is Corporate Event Design?

Corporate event design refers to the process of creating the theme and aesthetic for an event. Without a proper concept, you risk failing to capture the attention of guests, leading to your event becoming a damp squib. Proper event design should consider how it will weave elements such as audio, visual, and catering together to create one interwoven experience.

Ultimately, the role of a corporate event designer is to help create a space that catches the eye of every single attendee. The role is highly skilled and requires a keen eye for details. If you want your event to not only go off without a hitch, but represent your brand as best as possible, a corporate event designer is a must. 

Different Types of Corporate Events

Designers play a crucial role in creating memorable and impactful occasions across a number of different types of corporate events, including holiday parties, conventions, company celebrations, product launches, and charity events. The possibilities when it comes to such occasions are endless, and a corporate event designer can play an instrumental role in delivering on your vision. 

Examples of some of the different types of occasions that a corporate event designer will be able to transform include: 

  • Holiday Parties: Corporate event designers can create unique and engaging themes to align with the season and your goals. This includes selecting appropriate decor/lighting/colour scheme, and coordinating entertainment and catering to complement the desired theme. 
  • Conventions: At a convention, the most important thing is to make sure your booth design is both visually appealing and functional in order to attract and engage attendees. A designer can ensure all of the audio and visual aspects of your area are set up to create a seamless space for organic networking and collaboration. 
  • Company Celebrations: One of the most important aspects of a company celebration (for an anniversary, retirement, or other milestone) is the venue. Choosing the correct venue to suit your celebration is key. 
  • Product Launches: When building a space for a product launch, it is important that you align the area with your brand. Integrating your product into the launch space will ensure a visually appealing setup that draws the eyes to the right place, and doesn’t detract from the main focus of the event. 
  • Charity Events: A key element of a charity event is to infuse the entire theme and aesthetic with the mission and impact of the charity and the event itself. It’s also important to collaborate with sponsors and partners to seamlessly integrate the necessary branding throughout the room. 

For more information about the different types of corporate events, read our dedicated blog.

6 Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Event Designer 

A corporate event designer can play a vital role in creating a successful occasion. These experts have a number of key benefits that can transform your event — they can truly take your event to the next level, save your team’s valuable time, ensure that the budget is strictly adhered to, provide valued connections you can trust, and more. 

The main benefits of hiring a corporate event designer are as follows: 

Take Your Event to the Next Level 

The core job of a corporate event designer is to be aware of all the latest trends and innovations, things laymen may not even be aware of, and work out how they can incorporate them into their client’s events. At ConnectIn Events we are always on the lookout for things that catch not only our eye, but those of your attendees as well.

While it’s all well and good to follow accounts on social media, the team at ConnectIn Events understand how the industry works and can utilise this knowledge to devise concepts and plans that the next person on the street wouldn’t be able to come up with. 

We want to create bespoke experiences that will promise to leave your guests talking. Your event should feel special. This can only be accomplished by developing the perfect, unique experience.

Save Time (and Money) 

Planning an event can take up a great deal of time and effort. It’s never as simple as just calling up a venue, setting a date and showing up. Throwing a successful event requires balancing a number of moving parts — vendors, guest speakers, entertainment, activities, prop delivery, lighting, and more. 

Dealing with all of the above can take a long time to organise, particularly if your event is large in scale. A corporate event designer will understand exactly what will be expected going into the planning process, so will know what needs doing and in what order, as quickly as possible. 

Additionally, we understand how difficult it is to run a successful business. So, if you, or another key member of the team were forced to take a large amount of time off to facilitate event organisation, they can very quickly become stretched too thin and over-burdened. This can have a negative effect on both the quality of their day-to-day output and the event itself. 

One key member of staff down can also negatively impact your output as a whole. This can have a knock-on effect to your income if the disruption is sufficient. By working with a corporate event designer who specialises in putting on memorable occasions, you gain an additional pair of expert hands to guide the process — so you don’t need to worry about losing any unnecessary time or money. 

Stay Within Budget

It can be very easy for the cost of holding a corporate event to bulge and bulge, until one day you realise that it has quickly gotten out of hand and, more importantly, out of budget. 

By hiring a corporate event designer, you can set a budget and be certain that it will be stuck to — absolutely no nasty surprises when the bills come. An expert in your corner can keep careful track of the expenses and outgoings every step of the way, so you know the event’s budget is safe and sound. 

This is important for every business. However, not all companies are multi-billion pound corporations who can organise a jet-setting work event, meaning that for some, a budget can be all the more important. Some events, for smaller companies, need to be strictly kept within budget. Failure to adhere to this could leave the business in the red and could jeopardise the short and long-term future. 

Execute Your Vision Without Getting Your Hands Dirty 

Organising a work event can be stressful. There are a large number of moving parts and plates to keep spinning. If you take your eyes away for a minute, everything could topple and you could be left with a mess. The stress-levels only ramp up when you take into account trying to make a day/evening that will live long in the memory. 

This burden does not need to be put on a member of the team, somebody who already has their own work going on in the background, and any stress that may be associated with that. 

Instead, a specialist lives and breathes for this. If a vendor were to cancel on short notice, you wouldn’t need to worry too much as you would expect a replacement to be lined up as soon as possible. The same should go for activities, speakers, presentations, even venues. 

Benefit From Their Connections 

One of the primary benefits of working with an expert corporate event designer is that they should have a good network of suppliers, caterers, entertainers, and more — people that they have worked with and trust to get the job done, and done right. 

Additionally, such strong connections can help ensure that you get the best price possible. Such price points will often be impossible to benefit from without the pre-existing relationship. As leading corporate event designers, we come with a host of reliable contacts, people and businesses we can lean on whenever necessary. 

Keep Your Event Consistent 

One of the most important aspects of a successful event is a cohesive and consistent theme throughout. There’s little use spending a big chunk of your budget on a tiki bar and hula dancers, only for another member of your event team to sign off on a UFO prop, and another to bring a circus activities team in. 

An inconsistent theme can put people off and make your event seem cheap. A specialist corporate event designer will be able to come in at the organisation stage and work with you to build a cohesive theme that remains present for every second your guests are inside the venue.

Need Bespoke & Exciting Event Branding? We’ve Got You Covered 

The process of putting on an event people will remember requires a number of moving parts. As we conclude our exploration into the intricacies of the role a corporate event designer plays in the process, the message is clear — working with an expert like ConnectIn Events should not be viewed as an option, but an investment in the name of hosting a successful, stress-free, and memorable occasion. 

The expertise of a seasoned corporate event designer will not be confined only to pointing to where vendors need to go, or orchestrating logistics; it extends far beyond to the realm of helping to create a cohesive experience that can go far above and beyond and leave an indelible mark. 

As you embark on your event, consider the many benefits collaborating with ConnectIn Events can bring. Our unmatched enthusiasm and passion for creating bespoke experiences, paired with our wealth of industry knowledge and experience make us perfectly placed to transform your occasion into something extraordinary. 

With ConnectIn Events you can rest assured that every detail is handled with creativity and precision. Elevate your plans and leave an enduring legacy with our expertise. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you, or feel free to browse our catalogue of blogs for more insights into the world of corporate event management.