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So you’ve developed an amazing product. You’ve done your research and you’re sure that potential customers will flock in their droves to buy it. It’s so unique in fact, that the chances are it will sell itself. Job done, right? Well, not just yet!

In today’s crowded, dog-eat-dog marketplace, creating something new and exciting is only half of the battle. Reflecting on successful product launches of the past, what exactly was it that made them successful? How, for example, did Apple turn the humble presentation into an eye-catching series of events that have become front-page news to be enjoyed by people across the globe? 

At least part of the reason for a successful reveal lies in choosing the right product launch event theme. When it’s well-chosen and executed, the theme plays a powerful role in helping you to stand out from the crowd. It can inform every factor in the average product launch checklist, from marketing materials and venue-finding, to entertainment, prop sourcing and beyond.

Unsure about the right theme for your new creation? Fear not, we’ve compiled a few of our absolute favourites to give you inspiration! 

Why Are Product Launch Event Themes So Crucial?

The right product launch event theme is a big ingredient in the ‘secret sauce’ of any new release. The theme should be visible in every aspect of your project, from pre-release messaging through to the story you tell on the day. It could be anything from a seasonal backdrop, to an attempt to talk directly to potential customers about how you’ve solved their most niggling issues. 

The theme is essentially your core message. This could mean promoting sustainability, telling a story about the amazing things your product can do, or harnessing seasonal branding ahead of a limited release. In Apple’s case, earlier themes used colourful adverts to build anticipation for something bold and new. In later years that has evolved to emphasise how seriously they take their environmental responsibility. 

Ultimately, when theming events, it might help to view them as a platform for everything that follows, influencing the likes of colour schemes, branding, event production, and venue-finding. It should dovetail perfectly with your brand, engage attendees, and create a major buzz that elevates your business head and shoulders above the competition.

Our 6 Stellar Product Launch Event Themes

The product launch event theme is so influential that you should take steps to decide on yours during the very early stages of planning. The earlier you make this decision, the quicker you can think about how other important factors like launch format, marketing materials, venue-finding, and event design will employ the theme for maximum effect. 

Additionally, the way you choose to go about theming events won’t just shape the look and feel of the occasion — it can also act as a vital point of reference if you hit a bottleneck in the event planning timeline. If this happens, and you’re torn between options, just ask yourself which one best suits your theme and everything should quickly fall into place.

Without further ado, here are six of our very favourite product launch event themes:

The Techstravaganza 

We make no apologies for referencing the mighty Apple (again!) here, as the tech showcase is something that they’ve gotten down to a fine art. If your product is packed with the very latest cutting edge technology, then this is a great way to pull back the curtain and show your audience exactly what it can do. Essentially, the main driver behind this type of event is ‘the future is now’, so make sure that every detail lives up to the pitch.

If you really want to turn heads, why not think about how you can incorporate the likes of virtual or augmented reality into your launch? Can you picture attendees exploring an immersive digital world, with your key features exploding into life on the walls of a sleek modern venue? Excitingly, this could work as a live event, virtual event, or even a hybrid of the two.

Serious About Sustainability 

The impact that our actions have on the planet has become a major consideration for many consumers. This has resulted in a serious push towards sustainability in some quarters. Therefore, if your latest release has been designed with eco-friendliness in mind, you should strongly consider making this your central product launch event theme.

For anyone theming events around sustainability, it’s crucial that your occasion doesn’t just pay lip service to the concept. This will mean using sustainable materials in event decorations, choosing an eco-friendly venue, thinking about how best to minimise the carbon footprint of attendees, and making sure your commitment to the environment runs deep. In short, this is not the time to charter a jet to shuttle a handful of VIPs to your big day.

Dazzle With Decadence

When theming events around a luxury product, it’s vital to make sure that everything you do hints (or even shouts) opulence and exclusivity. This should extend to the choice of venue, the carefully selected attendees, dress code, invitations, table dressing, choice of entertainment, and more. This is the time to think about hiring a venue with spectacular views, rolling out the red carpet, popping open the champagne, and perhaps even inviting a special guest to turn heads and embody your decadent theming.

Health at its Heart

Are you working on a product that promotes healthier living? Perhaps you’re on the cusp of releasing a new dietary supplement, fitness aid, or low-calorie snack? If so, your product launch event theme of health and wellbeing will need to run through the occasion like a stick of low sugar rock.

When planning this type of launch, it’s essential to know your audience. This could mean providing healthy drinks and nutritious bites, having space for casual workouts, installing information booths for curious customers, and giving handouts of your exciting new line. To get the word out, consider using notable experts in your industry to generate a buzz ahead of the grand reveal. Having an athlete in attendance could also sell the message of your product with visuals alone.

Seasonal Style 

Is your new product designed for frosty festivities or sizzling summers ? Then it’s time to seriously consider making this a central feature when theming events. This is the ideal opportunity to tie your exciting reveal in with the right vibe.

For wintry products, nothing beats the cosiness of a countryside hideaway, with mulled wine and a roaring fire. You could even invite attendees to unwrap the new product and send them home happy and ready to spread the world on social media. 

Summery items, however, are better suited to outdoor locations such as beaches, festival sites and BBQs. To create the ultimate sunny sizzler, you could even take inspiration from our work on Arch Day sites throughout London. Every year we help to celebrate small businesses by arranging a family-friendly spectacle that has fabulous food, rocking refreshments, great games, and lots more. 

If you create the right ambience then that will go a long way towards fitting your objectives and making your mark.   

Vibrantly Vintage

From clothes to music, there’s no denying that some things seem destined to be rediscovered by younger demographics. If you’re in the business of giving the past a fresh twist, all you need to do is make sure that your product launch event theme embraces the sights and sounds of its original era. From invitations to event props, every little detail should act as an immediately recognisable gateway to the fuzzy, nostalgic past.

For 60s revivalists, this could mean emblazoning your invitations, marketing, and stage dressings with swirling psychedelic patterns and leaning into the famous iconography of Flower Power, Twiggy, Andy Warhol’s artwork, bobbed hair, and The Beatles. If the budget allows, you could even recreate swinging Carnaby Street in an historic venue! This is your chance to show just how much you understand the era that inspired your designs, while bringing attention to your amazing new product.

Going further back, the Roaring 20s is another exciting theme with bags of potential. To recreate the magic of the jazz age, look for an historic building and apply an Art Deco colour scheme of elegant black and gold to everything from promotional materials to venue dressing. Finally, a ‘hush hush’ speakeasy bar and Charleston dancers could make a neat final flourish.

Need Help Theming Events? Let’s Connect!

Based in Manchester, but operating throughout the UK and Europe, ConnectIn Events knows exactly what it takes to make your big reveal an even bigger success. We’ve delivered everything from interactive pop up shops, to legendary launch parties, and have the experience you can rely on to make sure your product hits the ground running. Clients like Club L London often turn to us for brand activation, and we love helping them make a splash!

Our expertise in event management means that we’re the perfect choice for planning and executing flawless occasions. We can take care of every facet of live event design, production, prop sourcing, entertainment, catering…you name it! If you’ve decided against a physical launch, we’re also well-versed in impressive virtual and hybrid experiences.

Over time we’ve delivered a broad range of live events, including local showstoppers such as the iconic I Love MCR awards. One of the most prominent charity events in the North West, it was a star-studded occasion and a great example of our multifaceted talents. We bring this same expertise to occasions of any scale.

Just speak to a member of our friendly team to discuss your objectives and budget and we’ll handle everything else. We’re the event specialists that businesses of all shapes and sizes return to time and again. Get in touch with us today to find out why