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According to almost two thirds of recent event-goers, adventure is the one thing they crave most. Wherever they go, they expect to be immersed, engaged, surprised, and, above all, entertained. For conference planners, this creates an intriguing proposition — how to channel this demand for exciting experiences into innovative occasions. If you can meet the challenge head on, you can reap the benefits with ease. 

When it comes to making an impact, the theme of your event is one of the most effective tools in your arsenal. It’s embedded in the DNA of an occasion, binding everything together, providing structure, and helping you to sell your message. Not only can it boost engagement but, once you’ve decided on your theme, every other step in the planning timeline becomes much clearer.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the benefits of unique conference theme ideas, while discussing some of our personal favourites. Whether your goal is to be seen as a bastion of innovation, or a voice for change, there’s sure to be something that can take your conference game to the next level.

Conference Theme Ideas: Your Secret Weapon in the Battle Against the Bland

Conference theme ideas should be more than just a neat slogan that lumps your various plans together under a convenient banner. A unique concept will distinguish your event from the countless others taking place every day, presenting an opportunity to weave every element together in a fresh and exciting package. Therefore, as the cornerstone of the occasion, theming should be one of the first decisions made during event planning, as it offers a clarity and sense of purpose that sets you apart from more humdrum rivals. 

The conference theme will inform every subsequent decision; from speakers and content, to visuals and venues — everything should fall in line.

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The Brilliant Benefits of Themes for a Conference

There are a number of priceless positives for planners who hit the bullseye with this crucial decision. The advantages include:

    • Extra Clarity: Themes for a conference provide you and your audience with the equivalent of a map and compass. They help you to stick to the right path when choosing activities and speakers, and can also signpost what the audience can expect in advance.
    • Boost Numbers: The perfect theme won’t just be relevant to your business, it will also cover a broadly engaging and appealing topic. By tackling a common challenge or undiscovered opportunity, you can appeal to a much larger audience.  
    • Stay Relevant: The last thing you want as a live event planner is to drift off-track, ending up with something that’s vague and unsure of itself. Your theme is a reference point that ensures your content  — workshops, presentations, seminars, etc. — are all aligned with the main concept and objectives.
    • Relevant Speakers: Your keynote speakers are the backbone of your occasion, and should be completely in tune with your ideas for conference themes. If, for instance, your overarching concept is diversity and inclusion, is this appropriately reflected in your choice of speaker? If the answer is no, this could badly undermine your message.
    • Brand-Building: If your conference has a unique identity, it’s much more likely to stand out from the crowd. Gaining a reputation for innovation and engagement could work wonders for your brand.
    • Create KPIs: Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the ways in which you analyse how well you did. If you understand the reasoning behind your theme, this creates benchmarks for measuring the event’s success. Have people learned more about the message of your theme? Was the feedback positive? Did you get the number of sign ups you were looking for? Post-event, you can ask all of this and more to better understand its value.
    • Nail Networking: Certain themes appeal more to specific groups of people than others. If yours has attracted the right kind of attendee, your shared passions and interests can open up some promising networking opportunities.
  • Become a Thought Leader: Do you want to be associated with insights and innovation? A creative theme could kick start a conversation that ripples long after the event, marking you out as an authoritative voice within your sector.

In terms of importance, choosing themes for a conference is right up there with finalising a budget and finding a venue. It will help you to devise the right structure, influence event design, and inform coherent content. This essential building block forms the foundation on which everything else should develop.

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Four Captivating Conference Theme Ideas

Are you determined to make a big impact at your next event? Whether you want to make projections about the future or prefer to promote diversity in the here-and-now, our conference theme ideas will help you to engage, educate, and entertain.  

Innovation and Invention

In the words of US Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This is especially true in business, where a lack of foresight can quickly lead to you becoming an irrelevance (Blockbuster Video, anyone?) There are tons of examples of previously successful companies who didn’t move with the times, which makes the virtues of forward-thinking an appealing topic for engagement.

Choosing these themes for a conference gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as being one step ahead of the curve. Your speakers should bring a wealth of information about the likes of emerging industry developments, exciting new technologies, the power (and concerns) of Artificial Intelligence, virtual engagement methods, digital security, and cost-cutting through automation. Guests will expect to be wowed, so you’ll need to augment your conference theme with a cutting edge venue, interactive elements, and impressive visuals to really stamp your authority.  

Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity and inclusivity are not just modern buzzwords for businesses that want to be seen as doing the right thing. In the modern world, creating an inclusive environment can lead to better morale, a wider spread of ideas and opinions, and broader skill sets. Therefore, while diversity and inclusion can help you to improve your public image, its rich potential runs much deeper than that.

If you choose this above other ideas for conference themes, there are a range of topics you could focus on. Your content and activities could include the impact of diversity on workplace morale, an explanation of the key terms, and strategies for helping your employees feel like they belong. With mental health being such an important subject, you could also help to educate guests through speeches, learning modules, and tips designed to help them spot — and tackle — the warning signs of low mood, anxiety, and depression.     

Prepare For Change

Because running a business can be unpredictable, few things excite decision makers more than a peek into the near future. The world around us is always changing, so understanding new technologies, societal shifts, and potential future challenges can be a powerful advantage. This is one of the best conference theme ideas for starting conversations about where we’re heading and what we can do to flourish.

If you want to establish yourself as a forward-thinker, why not dig into data analysis advancements, share tips about time-management technologies, or gauge global economy projections? How about other progressive ideas for conference themes, such as sustainability and climate concerns, or tips for balancing social responsibility with your bottom line? The key to this could lie in the authenticity of your speakers, so make sure they’re genuinely authoritative within their field if you want to get bums on seats and have them stay there.    

Make Sales With Storytelling

Once upon a time, a promising startup created a revolutionary new product. Their creation was so advanced that they struggled to explain in everyday terms what exactly it was or who would use it. Audiences were confused, sales dwindled, and investors lost confidence. Cursed by an inability to tell their story, the business quietly closed its doors, becoming no more than a cautionary tale of innovation lost to poor storytelling.

Obviously, we’re jesting. But, in case you didn’t already know, storytelling is an amazing tool for forging connections with your customer base. Whatever you’re selling, if you can take the reader/viewer on a journey, they’re much more likely to become invested. Therefore, because businesses ultimately come down to the bottom line of units shipped, shaping an engaging narrative should connect with them.

If storytelling is one of your preferred themes for a conference, your speakers should be master wordsmiths, such as journalists and writers. Your conference will need to tell its own story, and everything associated with the production should celebrate the art of storytelling. If you can do all this, a happy ending is practically inevitable. 

Grab a Ticket to Themeland with ConnectIn Events

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