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5 Fundamental Reasons to Hire an Event Planner

“Let’s plan our own event” – Said nobody. More than once. Ever.

The creation and production of any event is not something to be underestimated, I sincerely urge you not to make that mistake; for the safety of your own sanity.

Here are 5 very significant reasons why an event planner will become your knight in shining armour!

1. Experience

Let’s be honest, how often in life does “winging it” ever result in a massive victory? When the success of your event is at stake; it seems a no-brainer to hang up your hat and place it in the capable hands of an experienced Event Planner with a proven track record of producing immaculate occasions.

The list of benefits that come hand in hand with proper experience is pretty much endless, but to name a few:

Attention to detailAwareness of mistakes to avoidDeep-rooted knowledge of the best methods and processesAbility to work strictly to any given timescaleAbility to work strictly to budgetKnowledge of and relationships with the finest venues, entertainers, speakers and hosts, venders etc.Vast understanding of all the technical jargonNever missing a trick or letting anything slip through the cracks – think name cards for example. Materialistically such a small and seemingly insignificant addition, but symbolically huge.Effective marketing techniques

2. Your bank account will thank you for it!

The all too common error people make when they have an event to plan is that a DIY event will save money….It won’t.

Skilled Event Planners are masterful at cutting costs and sticking to a budget. In fact, you’d be surprised at what someone proficient in coordinating events can execute for you with your given budget! The crux of this is down to us being fully aware of which expenditures are obligatory, which are less of a necessity and having an eclectic array of well established relationships with other professionals in the industry.

3. Connections

There’s nothing more beneficial than great relationships with valuable contacts. This is also highly indicative of a successful and proficient Event Planner. Trust from contacts and connections can’t be bought so this is an irreplaceable advantage to have when it comes to the creation and production of your event. We strongly believe at Connect In Events, that when delegating your events over to us-your baby also becomes our baby and in turn, our connections become yours.

Over time and through those foundations of trust; Event Planners evolve relationships with a wide range of other professionals – caterers, hotels, entertainers and entertainment companies, venues, travel companies, vendors and so many more. Now imagine how much better stead that stands you in than if you go it alone! What’s more, the strength of this nexus can also result in obtaining sought after special guests, speakers and favourable discounts….and we ALL love a discount!

4. Creativity

To be creative is in the job description for any Event Planner and innovation runs through our veins. Nobody wants an event that belongs to them be the replica of someone else’s. This is where it becomes invaluable to have your event safely in the hands of someone who can design a completely unique and unforgettable occasion. The best Event Planners will think way outside the box and present you with ideas you wouldn’t have even considered.

5. Minimise stress & maximise enjoyment

The gift of “calm” is probably one of the biggest an Event Planner can give you. In the 2017 study by CareerCast, being an Event Planner is said to be the fifth most stressful job. An Event Planner will help you avoid this headache completely, we’re used to it!

It goes without question that you should be able to enjoy your own event, however if you undertake the task of planning it….I’m afraid to break it to you but you won’t have a minute to breath let alone relish the occasion! By passing the baton over to a professional Event Planner you’re freeing yourself up with plenty of time and headspace to focus on the things you know the most about during the lead up to the event. Consequently on the day of the event you can step back, re-group, grab a large G&T and enjoy your magnificent event as it unfolds.