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In the world of corporate event production, mastering the technical details can lead to unforgettable experiences. If you’re coming to terms with what’s involved, there are a lot of factors to get right. After all, even seasoned event planners need to work hard to perfect the many elements that lead to amazing occasions. 

If you want to elevate your next event, you’ll need to combine creativity, innovation, organisation, and skill. Perhaps most importantly of all, you’ll also need to know what it takes to get prepared. To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled our top seven tips to make your event one to remember.  

Let’s raise the curtain and take our places!

What’s the Difference Between Corporate Event Production and Management?

If you’re new to the exciting world of live events, you might still be getting used to the terminology. A lot of the main terms are thrown around fairly liberally, with ‘management’ and ‘production’ often being used almost interchangeably. However, there are important differences between event planning and corporate event production.

In simple terms, event planning concerns the logistical tasks that make up the delivery of an occasion. From booking the venue and entertainers to handling catering and promotion, a planner is responsible for coordinating everything that takes place. It’s a challenging role that requires hard won experience and a long list of industry contacts to perfect. 

Corporate event production focuses almost exclusively on the look and feel of an occasion. An immersive audio visual experience is the ultimate goal, with a blend of lighting, sound, special effects, and technology being used to succeed. Production in events isn’t just limited to the big day itself — creative teams can also get involved in event design, venue limitations, and executing themes. 

projector during corporate event production

7 Tips For Corporate Event Productions

1 – Use the Venue

In corporate event productions, the venue is much more than just a building. It’s the stage, the setting for amazing memories and, in some cases, a work of art that stretches the limits of what’s possible. It’s the job of seasoned event producers to take all of that potential and turn it into something remarkable. 

Standing out from the crowd is essential when adapting your location. It’s a blank canvas that can be transformed into something magical and immersive. And the options are never ending.

Want to engage guests between presentations? Use interactive software and smartphones to fill empty spaces with amazing animations. Looking to bring the ornate corners of an old building to life? Use projection mapping to turn the entire space into a blockbusting movie.  

2 – Do Practise Runs

The old saying, “If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail” certainly applies to staging events. The more ambitious your technical event production plans are, the more pressing your need for a dry run will be. It’s important that you don’t leave anything to chance.

Using an experienced events management company is your best bet in this respect. They work with trusted technicians who rigorously check everything from lights and microphones to projectors and smoke machines beforehand. Plus, if something does go wrong on the day, they’ll have the expertise to fix it.

3 – Have a Backup Plan

Even the very best corporate event productions can run into unexpected hitches. While many of these can be ironed out during a practice run, it’s still useful to consider how the what ifs will be tackled. As an example, how would you deal with a faulty microphone or stuttering visuals?

Having spare equipment is one way to prepare for the worst. You could also consider different ways to adapt, such as playing substitute visuals or music while working on a fix. Even better, technical event production specialists can quickly nip glitches in the bud and keep the show rolling.  

4 – Don’t Skimp on Technical Event Production

Some venues might be able to save money on tech by using their own in-house equipment. The question is, do you know enough about projectors and sound systems to know a good quality rig? If the answer is no, you might be taking a leap into the unknown.

Even if you’re not staging a cutting edge visual masterpiece, there will be lighting and sound aspects to consider. Therefore you should ask for demonstrations before you hire the venue to get a feel for its capabilities.   

5 – Embrace Negotiation 

In the vast majority of cases, event planners will have a fixed budget to work around. If you want to bring everything to life without making sacrifices, it’s important to get maximum value for money. This might mean negotiating with suppliers.

It’s fairly standard industry practice to give and take on pricing, so don’t be afraid to get quotes and push back where necessary. If the budget is really tight, it might seem easier to go it alone rather than using an event management company. However they often get more favourable rates and know better than anyone how to manage costs, so using one won’t be a false economy. 

6 – Choose Technical Event Production Features Wisely

Ambition is great, but setting off fireworks every 30 seconds will soon start to lose its effect. In fact, it’s better to use genuine wow moments sparingly to achieve the best results. And that’s only if wow moments are actually appropriate to your goals. 

You can make sure that your corporate event productions have a natural flow by keeping in mind your objectives. If your mission is to educate, informative speeches and visuals should be at the centre of your occasion. If fun is the order of the day, use music, visuals, and entertainment to hit the mark.

Ultimately, everything you do should fit in with the overall theme.   

7 – Hire Professionals

Producing a live event is a complex task requiring elite time management and organisation. Using an established event planner is often your best chance of success — especially if this is your first rodeo. The best companies in the field offer extensive services that cover event design, AV, venue-finding, and whatever else you might need.

This will allow you to take a back seat while the professionals take care of everything on your behalf.

ConnectIn Events: The Leaders in Event Production

Welcome to ConnectIn Events, one of the UK’s leading names for event planning and production. We specialise in helping businesses of all sizes and sectors to stage amazing occasions. Our experience covers everything from parties and seminars to product launches and presentations. Alongside our expertise with live events, we’ve also planned countless high tech virtual and hybrid events.

Our talented team offers a one-to-one service that keeps you at the heart of the process. We work around you and your budget to realise your ambitions, freeing you up to enjoy the day. And, if you’re not sure what kind of event you want to deliver, we’re always happy to provide inspiration. 

So, don’t take a chance on your corporate event. Let the experts lead the way!

For more details, get in touch with a member of the team today.