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It’s been estimated that over a million business events take place every year in the UK. From annual conferences and meetings to parties and product launches, it’s safe to assume that, on any given day, there’s a live event in action. For anyone planning an occasion of their own, making your mark in such a crowded field means that getting it to run like clockwork might not be enough. To really stand out, it’s essential to bring something new and exciting to the table.

As the leading events company in Nottingham, ConnectIn Events knows exactly what it takes to deliver groundbreaking gatherings. Our services cover everything from helping out with one small feature, such as entertainment, catering, or prop sourcing, to end-to-end management of the whole experience.   Whether your goal is to entertain, inspire, or educate, we can turn your brief into a unique experience that flows seamlessly and smashes your objectives.

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With so many events companies in Nottingham to choose from, how do you know who can really deliver when it matters most? We’ll let our valued clients have their say:

From concept stage right through to the closing credits this event delivered an exceptional experience for us as hosts and for our attendees.
The set looked amazing with high quality graphics, interaction and creativity. All backed up by technical assistance and expertise that put all of us that were speaking on the day at our ease.
Our audience loved it and we were so pleased with the engagement that we could continue to have with our attendees and sponsors despite not being in a room together. Connect In events delivered us a professional, immersive and still personal event and I was really impressed with how the day turned out.

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all your hard work and sheer brilliance in pulling the virtual conference together. As always, we knew we were in safe hands and we are delighted with the outcome. Whilst it all would prefer something in person, I do think that our colleagues responded to this being the very best that we could make it and you played a huge part in that.
Thanks again

Thank you for hosting a great event. This was my first virtual awards ceremony, I must say it was absolutely fantastic. The live studio event made you feel part of the atmosphere and interacting with the twitter accounts was great, accompanied by a great meal, wine and entertainment
I have become a fan of virtual events, and the effort the Connectin team put in bridged the gap of being physically at the event.
Watching on a screen at home was amazing and I will be asking for moreof these events in the future!!

We have been supported for both live and virtual events by Connect In. They provide excellent project management of the event with a little bit extra, their creativity and 'can do' approach are second to none. On the day they are both professional and supportive, planning ahead and reacting as needed should unexpected circumstances arise. We have been delighted with all of the events Connect In have supported us with and the output for both our live and virtual events has been both professional and fun - a tricky balance to strike.

Got to say working with the Connect In team is nothing short of amazing. No job too small and the attention to detail is incredible. The team delivered a full day conference that resembled more a glossy daytime TV programme.
The Client was delighted.

Hitting the Target Like Robin Hood

Are you looking for an events company in Nottingham that can take on board even your wildest visions and bring them to life? Perhaps you’re on the other side of the fence, and know what kind of occasion you want, but only have a hazy idea of what it’ll look like in reality? Whichever bracket you fall into, you can trust ConnectIn Events to adapt.

Our comprehensive services have made us a favourite with smaller businesses and household names alike. Along the way we’ve managed everything from plush product launches to vivid virtual events, while also switching with ease between industries and sectors. Despite this broad range of unique challenges and goals, we’ve always applied the same approach to mastering the crucial details and giving you exactly what you were looking for.

All of this and more has made us one of the events companies in Nottingham that can be trusted to hit your targets with ease and elevate any occasion into something special. 

How We Can Help

Connect In is an event company in Nottingham that makes magical moments possible for our customers. We can help with:

Live Events

Our Live Events

From awards shows to product showcases and beyond, we’re the events company in Nottingham that will bring your vision to life. We provide a bespoke service to deliver the ideal live experience.

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Virtual Events

Corporate Events

Searching events companies in Nottingham for a glitzy gala or amazing awards show? Our end-to-end service will cover every little detail — so you can just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere. 

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Event Production

We’ll handle everything technical, from A/V and lighting to design and stand building. An elite events company in Nottingham, we can help you to engage, inform, and inspire.

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Connect the Dots With ConnectIn Events

One of the biggest challenges in event management is keeping on top of the countless tasks and checkpoints that lead from an idea to an occasion. Some clients have a firm grasp on many of the key features, only needing a hand with one or two vital elements. Others require professional input to guide the whole experience to its conclusion. We’re the events company in Nottingham that is just as comfortable playing the solo as it is orchestrating.

We offer a joined up service that can attend to all of your needs in-house. Need a branding expert to work on your website? That’s us. Launching a new product into a crowded market? Also us! In short, we cover everything from catering to corporate entertainment.

Whatever your plans, we can bring them to life in style.

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Vibrant Venues For Any Occasion

One of the most important challenges for events companies in Nottingham is finding the right venue. From an aesthetic point of view, the location is the first thing your guests will see, making it an important visual statement. The venue will need to perfectly align with both your brand and the event’s theme. If your decadent black tie gala is taking place in a beach hut, it’s safe to say that someone somewhere has missed the brief!

ConnectIn Events uses our contacts throughout the UK to find places that not only look the part, but can accommodate even the most ambitious technical plans. We’ll run the rule over every venue the region has to offer to ensure that everything from catering to A/V perfectly fits your plans. The best bit? We won’t charge you for this superb service.

Let’s start the hunt today!

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Meet The Team

Penni Pennington profile picture
Client Development Director

Penni Pennington

A ‘mover and groover’ in Manchester, London and Ibiza, Penni is the driving force behind Connect In’s ever-increasing client list. As Co-founder and Director, her strength lies in business development, client liaison and drinking wine!

As a well-respected personality within the housing and event industries, Penni’s breadth of knowledge spans over 20 years. A powerful advocate for women, she is the founder of the prestigious Women in Housing awards and an Ambassador for the Girls Out Loud Foundation and charity. Penni never switches off and is always thinking of new ways to adapt and change the direction of events – now more than ever, she has helped reshape ConnectIn into the virtual online event specialists they are today.

Whatever her brief, Penni is passionate about event delivery, her persuasive skills, creativity and incredible work rate means she can deliver fantastic result for clients every time and her ability to secure impressive amounts of sponsorship are well-renowned.

On a personal level, Penni is well-loved for her warm, bubbly and personable nature, balanced with true professionalism; she gets the best out of everyone she works with.

Penni says:

“Creative flair, glamour and a little bit of Prosecco, are all I need to bring ideas to life – the possibilities of virtual events are quite literally endless!”

David Ward profile picture
Client Experience and Operations Director

David Ward

Before Co-founding ConnectIn with Penni back in 2009, David’s could be found organising and promoting successful themed club nights across Cheshire and Birmingham throughout the 1990’s.

A change of pace saw David enter the ‘real world’ and head up the events division of a North West publishing house prior to establishing ConnectIn with Penni.

David’s faultless organisational skills and his ability to ‘make things happen’ are invaluable to ConnectIn and its clients. With previous experience of working for a bank, David is naturally the ‘money man’, managing both clients and Connect In’s budgets with pin-point accuracy.

That keen eye for detail doesn’t end with the finances, David also oversees all of the design, development and delivery within Connect In’s portfolio of events. Along with Penni, David has been one half of the driving force behind turning ConnectIn virtual. From the minute you choose ConnectIn to run your virtual event, David is there to help guide, prompt and conjure your every request!

David says:

“When I was younger, I always wanted to be a ‘rock star or a Grand Prix driver’, so now every event I design has to be memorable, and as special as it can be for our clients – making their dreams come true!”

Jordan Walker profile picture
Senior Client Experience Manager

Jordan Walker

Jordan’s a grafter, even from the age of 11 when he was working five days a week in his father’s restaurant, followed by his 15 year’s spent in the hospitality industry – including Assistant Hospitality Manager at the Manchester Arena.

He is immensely driven to succeed and doesn’t stop until a client’s visions are turned into reality. Jordan loves doing what he does, turning people’s dreams into a reality – that most certainly shows in his quality of work. Jordan’s client management ability has been a real driving force behind ConnectIn’s new digital offering.

Jordan says:

“I would much rather work 16 hours a day giving 100% than working eight hours and giving only half the effort! Our new digital approach has its challenges, but I love a challenge - just because we can’t see the audience doesn’t mean they aren’t there!”

Picture of Jess
Events & Marketing Manager

Jessica Wallace

After completing her first degree in Event Management, Jess studied a master’s degree in Advertising & Marketing at the University of Leeds – hosting and attending events throughout her five years at university.

A love for dance music sparked her passion for events and festivals – attending events across Europe in Leeds, Manchester, Barcelona, Ibiza and more! During her time at university Jess worked in promotion, networking and hospitality roles for various student club nights. A true lover of music, she is a pianist and song writer in her spare time.

Previously a restorative approach ambassador during her education, Jess is a people person who loves working with people of all backgrounds – always doing everything with a smile!

Jess says: ‘I believe that the possibilities within events are endless and that is the beauty of our industry. Transforming ideas on paper into a live reality is something that I will never lose love for.

Simon Kershaw profile picture
Head of Creative

Simon Kershaw

With an impressive background in the design/creative industry, Simon started out in web design, over eight years ago. Moving through the design industry by working in kitchen design, packaging and graphic design, he has managed to work for a number of high-profile brands such as, Halfords, Adidas, Tesco and Suzuki.

Simon joined Connect In eight years ago and has never looked back since. Simon’s skill set is vast including typography, visualisation, print, software design and communications – making Simon an invaluable member of the ConnectIn team.

Simon says:

“Design has always been a massive part of my life, when I was younger, I used to draw pictures and send them to big blue-chip companies looking for a response and advice on how to progress. To be doing what I’m doing now – it’s a dream come true!

Andrea Donaldson profile picture
Finance Director

Andrea Donaldson

Andrea has been with Connect In Events for the last ten years. She met Penni and David at a previous employers shared offices and has stuck with them since! Andrea has grown with the company seeing their expansion of clients and memorable moments.

In Andrea's spare time she enjoys walking the dog, spending time with her family and attending gigs - Especially Rock! In fact, Andrea and David share a common love of the Foo Fighters.

Andrea says:

"I would not be able to do my job without a sense of humour! Thankfully I have one!

Internal Business Consultant


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